Miriam Cing

Miriam Cing

Miriam came to Chicago in 2012 as a refugee from Myanmar.

She is in her senior year at Lincoln Park High School (LPHS) in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. She has benefitted from three years with the Girl Forward empowerment program and is now leading their townhall meeting while creating their first student board. Inspired by her participation in the 2017 Genesis Academy Summer Institute, she co-founded

Students Supporting Students, a peer – to – peer support group focusing on healthy bodies and minds for young men and women at LPHS in the IB program.

This past summer, she launched an initiative on human rights to give agency to young teen women and encourage their self-expression.

She also attended a summer program at Northwestern University for aspiring physicians. Having recently identified her as an individual with extraordinary leadership potential, the Posse Foundation selected her for their fellowship for which she received a four – year tuition scholarship to attend Trinity College.

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