Kitty Kurth

Kitty Kurth

Political Strategist and Social Justice Crusader

Kitty Kurth is a Democratic political operative with more than thirty years of experience in public relations, crisis communications, and campaigns and elections. She has traveled the world providing strategic communications and political council for human rights and environmental causes, political candidates, corporations, and NGOs.

In addition to working with grassroots candidates and organizers like Che “Rhymefest” Smith and Paul Rusesabagina (the real-life hero portrayed in the film Hotel Rwanda), Kurth also provides communications training for established political powerhouses such as the DCCC, the DNC, Emily’s List National Women’s Political Causus, Civic Lab, Illinois Democratic Women, the New Leaders Council, Chicago Votes, Women’s Campaign Fund, and many international political parties.

Kurth has been a valued contributor to the last eight Democratic Presidential campaigns as a press secretary, campaign manager, communications advisor, speech writers, and field organizer. Every four years, she works with speakers at the Democratic National Convention  and in 2012 she directed the Speaker Tracker team as part of Convention Podium Operations.

Kurth has worked as a trainer for political organizing and communications in more than 45 states in the U.S., as well as in Egypt, France, Russia, Uganda, Mexico, Rwanda, Greece, Croatia, Romania, India, Indonesia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In 2004, the U.S. State Department sent her to Uganda, Indonesia, and India to conduct communications workshops for Members of Parliament, candidates, students, and activists. She conducted press advance for the White House in Cairo, Davos, Moscow, Paris, Athens, Addis Ababa, and Mexico City.

Kurth holds degrees in History and French from the University of Virginia and lives in Chicago with her husband and partner Kevin Lampe.