Agnes Khoo-Dzisi, PhD

Agnes Khoo-Dzisi, PhD

Head of International Relations Department & Adjunct Professor Webster University (Ghana) & Sverdrup Fellow

Dr Agnes Khoo-Dzisi is the Head of International Relations Department of Webster University (Ghana) and teaches Asian Studies, Asia-Africa Relations, Migration and Refugees Movements, Development Politics in the Global South, US Foreign Policies, Project Management, International and National NGOs, Global Gender Rights and International Affairs.

She has earned her B.A. in Sociology/Social work from the National University of Singapore, M.A. in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands and PhD in Sociology from the University of Manchester, U.K.
Before teaching in higher education, Agnes has worked as an activist, trainer, policy consultant and an organizer in NGO work across Europe and Asia.

Agnes’ seminal work on the oral history of Malayan women in the independence struggle of Malaysia and Singapore is widely recognized as an important contribution to the alternative her/histories of contemporary Southeast Asia. She has also written on gender and migrant issues over the years, and most recently, on Asian-African solidarity. Agnes has also translated several books and articles from Chinese into English on social and political issues in Asia. She is bilingual in Chinese and English and speaks two other Chinese languages.

Agnes hails from Singapore originally but she has made Ghana in West Africa her home. Since 2006, she has co-founded a community-based social enterprise, the Agbenoxevi Farms in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa that provides sustainable food security to the local communities, as well as employment, education and training for the youth and women.